Viennese Kitchen Austrian specialties you have to try

Austrians love to cook, eat and most of all share a meal and some of our delicious wines and beers with friends. But what truly distinguishes Austria as a culinary Mecca is the incredible variety of tastes that make up our cuisine. Let’s start with the soup, the typical Austrian “Grießnockerlsuppe“ (semolina). The base for the soup is the famous beef soup, it comes with one or two “Grießnockerl”. In the same soup we cook the famous Tafelspitz which is a piece of beef and usually served with potatoes, chievesauce, horseradish and spinach.

Another classic dish is the famous Wiener Schnitzel, also very popular for the youngsters. The original Wiener Schnitzel is made out of veal. If you prefer sweet dishes you can choose among many delicious meals for example the Kaiserschmarrn, which is made out of crepe dough and served with stewed plum. So tasty –you have to try it!

Besides the rich menu of all kind of dishes Austria also offers a variety of beer and wine. There are 1000 different beer types and 174 breweries which offer something for everybody.