Traditional Viennese coffee house Experience the culture in a traditional Viennese coffee house!

Feel like a real Viennese in a traditional Viennese coffee house. To many Viennese a coffee house is like a second living room. A cup of coffee and a glass of water is enough to stay there for hours. Take a seat and enjoy a Viennese ‘Melange’ and listen to the cracking parquet floor, and if you are lucky you even get the chance to meet a famous artist or writer who love to spend time there as well.

The Viennese Coffee House tradition dates back to the year 1683. Even back than, they served coffee with an obligatory glass of cold tap water. Playing cards and pool was very popular these days. 40 years later they started displaying a selection of complimentary national and international newspaper on custom-made stands. More than 330 years later the Kaffeehaus is still an institution without any comparison.

You will feel at home in the Viennese coffee house once you step inside. Your entrance ticket is a cup of coffee, just as it has been for generations. Sit back, relax and do just what you like to do: choose from the various newspapers or read the book you brought. Enjoy yourself and the pleasant atmosphere.