The Vienna State Opera sounds of world fame

The Vienna State Opera is a cultural jewel organically grown out of an eventful history of origin. Today it is an opera venue of well-deserved world fame. With around 350 shows every season, it offers a diverse range of brilliant musical performance with works from various époques and the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments of high musical culture.

The opera as an art form belongs to Vienna like a melodious heartbeat. The history of its performance venues is an eventful element of the city's history. When the former Court Opera from the 17th century had to give way under Empress Maria Theresia to the famous Redoute Wing, one piece of opera history made space for a new one.

How the State Opera was born

In the 19th century, in 1869 to be precise, the State Opera – as it has been known unofficially since the 1920s, and officially since 1938 – was opened as the "New House" on the Vienna Ring Road, which itself became famous due to its magnificent buildings. The new opera did have a cosmetic flaw, however. It was lacking a plinth, which is why locals gave it derogatory nicknames such as the "sunken box" or "digesting elephant". Emperor Franz Joseph himself had chosen the site. He was allegedly very moved that one of the architects had hanged himself due to the harsh criticism of the building.

Impressively divers and present

With a repertoire of over 60 productions a year, the musical diversity offered by the Vienna State Opera probably surpasses that of any other opera house in the world. With around 350 performances a year and many legendary star casts, the Vienna State Opera is deservedly an opera venue of world fame.
Anyone who has any affinity at all with the genre opera (or ballet) should not leave Vienna without a visit to the State Opera. Our tip: despite the extensive seating capacity of 1,709 places, many performances are fully booked out well in advance. We advise you to book tickets early in one of the many ticket offices or through a pre-booking system on the website of the Vienna State Opera, where you will also find information on the program, the casts and on guided tours through the opera house.